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Super Mullet Dark Brown Super Mullet Dark Brown

You've seen the website, now here's the wig.

Super Mullet Blonde Super Mullet Blonde

Now you can get the look without the wait!

Mullet Wig Brown Mullet Wig Brown

Brown Mullet Wig.

Jesus Had A Mullet Jesus Had A Mullet

8.5x1.75 inches (width x height) Vinyl Sticker Jesus Had A Mullet Copyright: Unamerican Activities ,2002 Words On Product: Jesus Had A Mullet

Mullets Mullets

2.5x1.25 inches (width x height) Keychain A goofy looking girl is in love with a boy with a mullet Copyright: C&D Visionary Inc. ,2002 Words On Product: Mullets get chicks

Joe Dirt (DVD) Joe Dirt (DVD)

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